Hey, I’m Nicola.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my content at ‘Your Creative Aura’, whether you’re on my website or on my YouTube Channel, hi!!

What is Your Creative Aura about?

Simply put, being creative and expressing yourself in a musical fashion.

I want to create a hub for new & old aspiring musicians (regardless of whether it’s professional or just for fun) where they can learn & expand their knowledge of music, and also to build themselves, and find out who they are musically speaking.

My content focuses on: songwriting, music theory & sheet music notation, tied in with my personal creations, AND anything else music related that tickles my fancy.

Why did I start my website & channel?

I want help old and new aspiring musician’s reignite their creativity, break out of their shell and develop their songwriting skills to create something they truly love and can be proud of.

If you’re anything like me, showing others your creations (regardless of what it is) can feel like asking someone to do the impossible.

You may feel embarrassed or ashamed of what you’ve created, thinking others will deem you as weird and silly. Or you may feel like what you’ve done is not good enough.

I started writing music again in 2017 and I’ve been trapped in that state of mind. I’ve written just over 200 songs, however I’ve never recorded & produced in completion a song to share with anyone.

Does this feel familiar to you? Because you’re not alone.

We all have hurdles; whether it’s our knowledge holding us back, our confidence, or our skill set.

I’m not a confident singer but I try my best to psych myself up for vocal sessions. I close my eyes and pretend I’m in the middle of nowhere, alone and no one can hear me.

Horror film for some, but epic for me!

What’s the endgame?

Now I have finally reached breaking point where I’m going to take that first step, be brave & start completing & sharing my creations with the World, rather than keeping them secret, tucked away in a box.

I want to share, to encourage you to share too. I want us to musically grow together.

Along this 3 year journey I learned so much about music theory, composition and songwriting techniques that I want to share and show you how I applied that knowledge to my musical creations. So you can, if you wish, do the same for yours.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my introductory video for ‘Your Creative Aura’ and I hope you’ll be a regular visitor.

See you soon, Bye!